LCSD Lunch Price To Increase

Lauderdale County, Miss. Take a walk down almost any grocery store, and officials with the Lauderdale County School District say it's evidence why the price for school lunches must increase.

"Because you know, going in the grocery store the price of food is continuously on the rise," says LCSD Child Nutrition Director, Kaye Mayatt. "Other districts have gone up. It ranges from $2 to $2.75 and maybe $3 in some districts."

The increase for Lauderdale County students will not be that much. Instead, the price is going up by 25-cents to $2.25 for lunch.

"Our district wants to continue to keep our meal prices as low as we possibly can."

Mayatt says some districts have been able to avoid increasing the price for lunch because they're able to offset the costs.

"The more free and reduced lunches that you have within a district, the more federal funds that you receive for each reimbursable meal
you serve each student."

Currently, 54% of the students within the Lauderdale County School District receive free or reduced meals at school.

Looking to the future, Mayatt says she's hopeful about what's to come.

"I hope that we do not have to have an increase next year."

The new lunch price for Lauderdale County students will be $2.25 once school starts. The cost for faculty is $1 more at $3.25.

Student lunch prices for the Meridian Public School District will remain the same as last year, at $2 each.