LCSD Makes Final Preparations

Lauderdale County, Miss.
Lauderdale County School District teachers got together Monday as final preparation for the new school year to begin.

Superintendent Randy Hodges and administrators hosted the Teacher Convocation where new programs and policies are discussed.

"There's, you know, still a lot of debate in the public as far as the merits of Common Core," said Southeast Middle School principal, Marcus Irby. "So, for us, this year, that will be a focus, not just full implementation of the curriculum, but the assessments as well."

"It's not as technical," said Northeast Middle School principal, Billy Burnham. "It's more 'let's meet and talk about the things that we did great last year and what we need to improve on for the upcoming year', and get everybody in a positive frame-of-mind and ready to begin the year."

Administrators say new technology and school safety were also addressed. Students begin the new year Wednesday.