LCSD Principal Announces Candidacy

The election is still more than a year away, but another candidate is reaffirming his intentions to seek an office in Lauderdale County.

"I don't think that it comes to the surprise of anyone that I'm going to seek the office of Superintendent of Education," says Northeast Middle School Principal Billy Burnham. He made an unsuccessful bid for superintendent of Lauderdale County Schools in 2012, but says that he never lost his drive to seek the position in the future.

"I enjoyed the race. I learned quite a bit, and I still think that I can be an effective superintendent for this school district."

Although he's not revealing his complete campaign platform at this time, Burnham says it consist of some primary principles.

"I'll be very candid about the plan that I would like to lay out to bring our school district into a 21st century school district," says Burnham. "I believe people want more opportunities and more technology. I think that our district needs to grow to prioritize our funds so that we can offer our students more opportunities, and I think that we can do that with the funds that we have now, I don't think that we need more money. I think that we've got enough money to make those things happen."

As it stands, Billy Burnham will face the incumbent superintendent, Randy Hodges in next year's election. Candidates must wait until at least January of next year to officially qualify to seek the office. This will be followed by the primary next June, and the general election in November 20-15.

Here's some background information on Billy Burnham: He's worked within the education field for 34 years; twelve of those years have been with the Lauderdale County School District. For the past four years he has served as principal at Northeast Middle School. Prior to that, he was the principal at Southeast High School.