LCSO Investigates School Burglaries

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Lauderdale County, Miss. The Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department responded to multiple school break-ins overnight.

Three Lauderdale County schools were burglarized late Monday night, West Lauderdale High School, West Lauderdale Elementary, and Southeast Lauderdale High School.

People broke in through the cafeteria, damaged a vending machine, and stole roughly ten dollars in change.

Sheriff Billy Sollie has a theory about why there have been so many school break-ins lately.

"Someone does it and gets away with it, then someone else decides to do it," said Sollie. "These crimes occur in cycles. A few years ago we had a lot of car thefts in subdivisions. They oftentimes utilize technology like cell phones to say 'hey we have a car coming' and gives everyone a chance to hide. It's hard for that random patrolling officer to catch them in the act when they have been forewarned."

The sheriff's department doesn't have any suspects at this time, but officials say the three break-ins are related.

If you have any information, call Crimestoppers at 601-485-1860.