LEMA Prepared for Stormy Thursday

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Local emergency officials are on guard and watching for the potential of severe weather in the area.

The Meridian Public School District tells Newscenter 11 that the superintendent and the district's transportation director will stay in close contact with LEMA Director David Sharp through the overnight hours to determine what the best course of action is. For now, all eyes are to our West.

The National Weather Service says the morning and early afternoon hours could end up being kind of rough in some parts of East Mississippi.

"Same song, second verse," Sharp says. "You know that the weather's coming. There's a possibility it could get severe. There's a chance it won't."

LEMA Director David Sharp and the Newscenter 11 weather team took part in a conference call with the National Weather Service. He says a lot of what will happen here depends on the timing of the system. But right now, he says the best thing you can do is to simply be aware of the potential threat, especially with it being around the time school starts.

"You know, 60-mile an hour winds," Sharp explains. "If you get that while school buses are on the road, you know, it could cause problems. School buses are extremely heavy."

Sharp tells us the timing plays a part because obviously the warmer the temperatures are, the bigger threat for severe weather. He says the uncertainty on the timing is even more of a reason to stay tuned.

"But once that, you know, a watch of some kind is issued," Sharp points out. "Then we'll bring people in to the EOC and we'll start monitor the radar here in our offices, as well as talk with the weather service in Jackson."

The Meridian School District says the district will make a decision based solely on what is the safest option for students.