Lack of Crime Information Concerns Local Man

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Meridian, Miss. The relative of a local shooting victim says he doesn't agree with the police chief choosing to withhold information from the public.

Meridian Police will only say that a man showed up to a local emergency room with a gunshot wound. However, a relative of the victim tells Newscenter 11 that the shooting happened at the Walmart on Highway 19 North. The relative says he even has information about the suspect, but getting a hold of anyone at the police department has been difficult.

"I just don't think as far as anything the police are doing right now, I don't think that it is in the public's best concerns," the victim's relative says. "With the not reporting of where the crimes take place. Me personally, you know like I said, I've got a pregnant wife. And if they report that shooting happened at Walmart on 19 North, I'm going to tell her to go to Bonita. I don't want her going to 19."

MPD had no comment on the remarks made by the victim's relative.