Last-Minute Campaigning for Mayoral Candidates

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Just three days to go now until voters in Meridian head to the polls to narrow down the race for mayor.

Newscenter 11 caught up with Cheri Barry and Percy Bland on Saturday afternoon as they visited various neighborhoods in the Queen City, asking voters for their support. Residents had a chance to share some of their major concerns with the candidates. One concern, of course, is the crime that has plagued the city in recent months.

"We are addressing it 100 percent, moving forward," Barry says. "Chief Sharpe is doing an unbelievable job. If crimes are being committed, they are being arrested immediately and put in jail. So, I see a huge difference in our police department. We are going to be able to move into the new police department in the month of May, probably on the 23rd or 24th. So, I'd love to invite everybody out to our open house."

"And especially women with children, they just don't feel safe," Bland says. "And that's very important to me to get into that office and to show some leadership and to improve our safety issues. I think we've just had some issues with a lot of turnover within the police department and we've got to get in there and get everything situated, so that we'll have stabilization."

Democrat Rod Amos and Republican William Compton, Jr. will also be on the ballot on this Tuesday's primary election.