Lauderdale Co. Murder: Victim's Mom Speaks

The mother of a local murder victim is making a plea to the public.

"I'm hearing so many different stories that it was drugs; that it was a setup," says Lisa Taylor.

It's speculation like that from the community that has Taylor confused about exactly what led to her son's death.

"He had been shot right in the temple, and in the liver," says Taylor. "They knew what they were doing. They wanted to kill him."

The big questions now are who did it, and why?

"He knew them,"says Taylor. "It's either that he knew them, or a gun was put on him; it was one of the two. He had a big heart, a beautiful heart. He just did wrong things, and he was a follower, not a leader."

It was around 12:30 last Friday night when 27-year-old Raphael Taylor of Meridian was discovered shot along a roadway in the southern part of Lauderdale County. According to investigators, a motorist passing by discovered him lying on the side of Earl Haney Road, which is located just off Highway 19 South. They say it appears that he was shot somewhere else, and taken to that location and left.

"Please turn yourself in because you shot him like a dog,"says Lisa Taylor. "You left him like a dog. If you're going to be bad enough to do that turn yourself in!"

Authorities have received reports that around the time of the shooting there was a large SUV that was dark in color in the area in question. Raphael's mother is making a plea for anyone with information on this case to call Crimestoppers at 855-485-TIPS(8477).

"I hope I get justice. I really do."

So far the investigation has led to one arrest. However, at last check that person was being held for misdemeanor charges that are not related to this case.