Lauderdale Co. Road Improvements Proposed

Lauderdale County Supervisors met Monday. A number of items were on the agenda including: interim appointments for vacant positions, the tax roll and roads.

Lauderdale County Tax Assessor James Rainey appeared before supervisors bearing good news about the tax roll.

"We're basically level for this year. Growth wise, it stayed level this year," says Rainey.

"Yes we are level, and that's a great thing because the last couple of years they've actually gone down, and our millage rate has actually stayed the same," says Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors President, Josh Todd. "So, level we can handle. We don't want them to go down. Of course, we want it to go up. So, we're hoping for a better year next year."

For the first time, the tax roll will be available for the public to view within the next few weeks in both the chancery clerk and tax assessor's offices. Residents can also access the records on the board of supervisor's website. If desired, property owners will be able to start filing appeals within the chancery clerk's office sometime next month.

Also during Monday's meeting, District 5 Supervisor Kyle Rutledge presented a proposal to the board which he said he first received from Chief Deputy Ward Calhoun about how to help make county roads more safe.

"I was traveling over the holidays in Florida and on the side of the roads on the white lines they have like little bumps that you can run over," says Rutledge. "You hit it to let you know that you're getting to the edge of the road, like on the interstate how they cut their grooves in it, it was similar to that. The county road pavement isn't as wide as the interstate, but it could work on county roads. I want supervisors to look at the possibility of doing that to certain roads."

"It's something bound to make a difference," says Chief Deputy Ward Calhoun. "In fact, one road I was on in Alabama actually had it in the double yellow line, the no passing zone. So, I don't know the cost of those things, but we're always looking to make roads safer."

Supervisor Rutledge stresses that county officials are just starting to look into this proposal. After-all, he says before any changes can be made, supervisors need to hire a new road manager, and check with the county's engineer.

Meanwhile, during Monday's meeting supervisors appointed Cheryl Polk as interim county administrator, and L.C. Moss as interim road manager. The two people who previously held those positions retired last month. Prior to the interim appointments, both Polk and Moss worked for the county.