Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors Sets Goals

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The Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors hit the ground running Monday morning at their first meeting of the new year, and first meeting under newly elected Board President Hank Florey. While we are halfway through this year's Fiscal Calendar, Florey says keeping the county's financials in check is one of his top priorities.

"Everything is going well, and our very able County Administrator Joe McCraney is doing a real great job, and we certainly will exercise fiscal restraint during 2013."

With recent heavy rains and cold weather, some of the county's roads are in bad shape, some so bad that District 3 Supervisor Josh Todd called some of the potholes in his district "craters." County Road Manager Harris Wilder has crews working around the clock, and a new piece of equipment will allow them to fix the roads faster and better.

"We have bought a new pothole patcher and that's going to correct a lot of our problems

Also topping the To-Do List for 2013 are job creation, sticking to the budget set back in the summer, getting the ball rolling on courthouse renovation, and continuing to work closely with the City of Meridian.

"We'll also work the developers in bringing in new industry and job creation, certainly including the Handy Hardware building, and we'll also certainly exercise fiscal restraint during 2013."