Lauderdale County Circuit Clerk Expecting Big Turnout for Runoffs

Lauderdale County, Miss. Lauderdale County's circuit clerk says there is a good chance there could be a record-breaking voter turnout June 24th.

Donna Jill Johnson says the 22-percent turnout for the June 3rd primary was higher than average for the county. Johnson says the run-off is technically a "second primary" which means if you voted in the first primary, you will have to stick to the same party for the second.

"Of course, you need to have your id, like your driver's license, with you," said Johnson. "If you voted by party on June 3rd, if you voted Democrat, you've got to vote Democrat again. If you voted Republican, you've got to vote Republican again. We had 34,000 people who did not vote on June 3rd, and so we hope to have an exceptional turnout for this runoff. "

Johnson made the comments at Monday's Council of Governments gathering. She also says if you were not able to make it to the polls June 3rd, you can still vote June 24th, and you are free to choose between the Republican or Democratic primary.