Lauderdale County Named Purple Heart County

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The Military Order of the Purple Heart is a national organization of wounded war veterans who have been awarded the Purple Heart.

Lauderdale County has now been named a Purple Heart County.

It's part of a nationwide effort to draw attention to veterans, the Purple Heart organization, and to those who have received the medal for being wounded in war.

However, this isn’t the first time Lauderdale County has received recognition by the organization. Just take a look at the Highway 19 and Highway 45 interchange.

Hank Florey, District 1 supervisor, says, "There is a sign out there, three or four years ago we proclaimed that interchange the Military Order of the Purple Heart Interchange. And the same people were there that day, and thanks to Senator Carmichael and Commissioner Hall and the board of supervisors we erected that sign of posterity."

Now this is all a part of a nationwide movement by the organization. They are going to every county in an attempt to get as many proclamations for Purple Heart counties.

Benny Dewett, of the Military Order of the Purple Heart, says, "The proclamation is recognizing the Military Order of the Purple Heart and the Purple Heart recipients, both living and dead, that Lauderdale County naming themselves a Purple Heart County. This will be represented on a national website as a Purple Heart County. We are working on a project nationwide to get this done."

Florey says that it is a tremendous honor to have the county named as such being that he is a veteran himself, and the military history of Lauderdale County.

Florey says, "It means, to me personally being a veteran, it means everything. It means a lot to all the people because we are honoring those who answered their nations call during dark hours, and were wounded in action and those who gave the supreme sacrifice in giving their lives."