Lauderdale County Officials Prep for Runoff Election

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Meridian, Miss. The Lauderdale County Courthouse was busy Monday afternoon, as poll workers from around the county were picking up boxes for their designated precincts in order to begin to get ready for the polls. With three weeks to prepare, Circuit Clerk Donna Jill Johnson says despite the short preparation time, they don't anticipate any problems.

"The election commissioners have spent two to three months getting a first primary ready and they've had to turn this around in three weeks," said Johnson. "The Democratic/Republican Party are in charge of all primary elections, but with the assistance of the election commissions that are trained to run elections."

Johnson says a little more than 900 absentee ballots were cast in Lauderdale County for the runoff election and they are expecting a record breaking turnout Tuesday.

"In a run off people are really bad not to show up," said Johnson. "I think with all the hype and all the interest in this particular one I think over the state, I think you're going to be shocked and surprised at the turn out on the twenty fourth."

Most run off elections require fewer poll workers at precincts, but Lauderdale County Election Commissioner Jeff Tate says this time that's not the case.

"This run off, we've actually kept a good many of the same amount of workers and machines that we had in the primary," said Tate. "Usually we cut down a good bit and some precincts we did cut down, where we felt like we had too many. The majority of precincts will see the same amount of workers and tables."

Now if you didn't vote in the first primary you can still show up to vote Tuesday in either the Republican or Democratic Primary. However, If you did vote June 3rd, you can't change and you must vote in the same primary.

The polls open up at 7 AM Tuesday morning and close at 7 PM.