Lauderdale Firefighters Battle Five Acre Blaze

Lauderdale County, Miss. Lauderdale firefighters got the call for a brush fire around 9:30 a.m. Friday, and when they arrived, discovered that about five to six acres were involved.

The Lauderdale Volunteer Fire Department had to call in back up from Toomsuba, Center Ridge and the Mississippi Forestry Commission to help put out the flames.

"We initiated, started putting the fire out," Lauderdale firefighter Chris Burrell says. "The wind wasn't helping us none. The humidity like the forestry commission and one of our fire coordinators brought up, the humidity was between 18 and 20, which is very dangerous to be burning."

Right now, the forestry commission believes this blaze started from a hot metal piece that might have shot out of a car.

"We were trying to investigate and possibly find a point of origin on how the fire might have started, and we seem to have found a piece that came out of a muffler, tailpipe, maybe a catalytic converter," Greg Chatham, of the Mississippi Forestry Commission says.

With the strong winds and low humidity the fire quickly spread.

Winds here reached around 10 miles per hour, which is why firefighters urge you to use extreme caution when burning anything outdoors.

That wind, along with the low humidity, are ingredients for disaster when it comes to a fire, even when you think you're in control.

"You can have a small fire, the wind blowing like it is now, and it can get away from you in a heartbeat. It's so dry that water hits it with the humidity, and it will just burn it up," Burrell says.

The fire departments were able to put out the flames within a couple hours.