Supervisors Approve Voting Precinct Changes

Meridian, Miss. The Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors approved some changes to voting precincts in the county.

No citizens voiced concerns during a scheduled public hearing. Board president, Josh Todd, says this means the county is doing a good job at getting a word out about the changes. He thinks the location changes will benefit the voters of the county by alleviating some of the issues.

"Because of overcrowding, you have voters' privacy being violated a lot. I think in the long run this will be a whole lot better off," said Todd.

The changes have to be sent to the Mississippi Secretary of State's office for approval.

Here is a list of the proposed changes.

Precinct 105 from Trinity Lutheran Church to the Meridian Little Theatre.

Precinct 214 from the Lauderdale County Courthouse to the Raymond P. Davis Annex.

Precincts 282 and 237 merging to 237 with a polling place at the First Baptist Church of Lauderdale, eliminating Center Ridge and East Lauderdale as polling places.

53rd Avenue will be the boundary between Precinct 409 and Precinct 412 with residents on the East Side of 53rd Avenue being a part of precinct 412, and voting at the Council of Organizations building, and residents on the West side of 53rd Avenue being a part of Precinct 409 and voting at Carousel Place.

Precinct 455 and Precinct 450 merged to create Precinct 450 at Mount Vernon Baptist Church, and eliminating Sageville and Pickard as polling places.

Precincts 518 and 519 merged into Precinct 517 with a polling place at Oak Grove Baptist Church and eliminating Tuxedo Community Center and Willow Ridge Apartments as polling places.

Precincts 530 and 533 merging to create Precinct 530 with a polling place at New Hope Baptist Church and eliminating the Clarkdale Volunteer Fire Station and Culpepper as polling places.