Lauderdale County House Fire Under Investigation

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There is little left of a home belonging to a Lauderdale County woman and her two children.

Fire officials say the woman and children were at home when the home caught fire sometime after 8:00 Sunday night. Thankfully, everyone got out safely.

"Her uncles that lives next door notified her to get her out of the house," according to Lauderdale County Fire Recruitment Coordinator Keith Reed.

He says because the fire spread so quickly, firefighters were forced to fight the fire from the outside before being able to enter the home.

"Well with the wind direction that we had last night, the wind was actually pushing the fire," Reed explains. "It had plenty of oxygen to work its way through the house. Once it vented its way to the attic, at that point it came through the room and had all the air it needed and pretty much destroyed the house."

To complicate matters, Reed says a propane tank in the garage also caught fire, making a dangerous situation even more dangerous. Therefore, he says it is important for all homeowners to store propane tanks at a safe distance away from their house.

"That could have been a lot worse last night, had it exploded" Reed admits. "It could have actually shot across the yard and hit somebody or went into the house next door."

It was initially believed that the homeowner's car may have been to blame for the fire, but investigators say it is too soon to say what may have been the cause.

The American Red Cross is providing assistance to the family misplaced by the fire.