Law Alters Handling of Some Probation Cases

Meridian, Miss.

Mississippi's House Bill 585 has changed how certain probation cases are handled.

Lauderdale County District Attorney Bilbo Mitchell says if someone on probation commits a technical violation, which is anything other than being convicted of a new crime, then the individual can only be held in custody for 30 days.

Mitchell tells us if the person is found to have committed a technical violation, they will be sent to a technical violation center for 90 days.

"Then they would come back, go back on probation. If they have violated another technical or did it again, we could send them for 120 days,' said Mitchell. "And then on a third offense of that, 180 days. Then a fourth offense, we can sentence them to their entire sentence like we used to."

Mitchell says the legislature made these changes to cut down on jail overcrowding.