Lawsuit Settlements Push $64 Million into Mississippi Budget

Jackson, Miss.

Lawsuit settlements are pumping nearly $64 million into the Mississippi budget.

Attorney General Jim Hood said that he's sending nearly $53 million to the general fund, which is the largest part of the state budget, and $11 million to the state employees' health insurance plan.

The announcement comes as lawmakers are entering the final weeks of writing a $6 billion budget for fiscal 2015, which begins July 1.

The state sued GlaxoSmithKline over claims the company made about the diabetes drug, Avandia. That settlement is bringing $25.2 million.

The state is collecting $22.5 million in a price-fixing case against BASF, a German company that makes vitamins.

Hood says he's asking lawmakers to spend some money for counseling and other programs to help departing prisoners re-enter the free world.

Hood's office says the breakdown of the money is as follows:

-GlaxoSmithKline, LLC (Avandia): $25,219,368.42

-BASF Corporation et al (vitamin litigation): $22,509,978.76

-LCD litigation: $3,844,417.09

-Toyota: $433,542.74

-Lender Processing Services, Inc.: $380,336.25

-Google Safari: $205,196.37

-Google Street View: $86,246.10

-Affinion Group, Inc.: $18,750.00