Leaders Planning "Stop the Violence" Rally

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Community leaders have been meeting with Meridian Mayor Cheri Barry to talk about ways the community can work together to combat crime and the first step is a "Stop the Violence" rally.

Mayor Barry and community leader William Myles met on Thursday afternoon to finalize plans for the Saturday rally at the Boys and Girls Club from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Barry and Miles both say the rally is a way to send out a message that the community is united and ready to fight crime. Whether you have been directly impacted by crime or not, they say it is important to take part.

"Because right now people need to understand how to report crime properly," Myles says. "They need to understand realistically what to expect once they report the crime."

"And we want people to be safe in this community," Mayor Barry says. "And I think there are ways we can do that as one community."

During Saturday's rally, there will also be information available about Neighborhood Watch groups. Miles and Barry say they cannot stress it enough that if you see any suspicious activity, call police immediately.

Transportation is being provided to the "Stop the Violence" Rally. You can contact the Boys and Girls Club at 601-485-2544.