Library Dedicated at MSU Meridian

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The Phil Hardin Foundation Library was dedicated Tuesday at Mississippi State Meridian Campus. The foundation donated $1.25 million to have the library built.

The library is state-of-the-art with study rooms, computers, and access to all the books at the Starkville campus.

One student was eager to use the facility. Michael Dover went straight to a study room right after the ribbon was cut to work on a paper. He says the library is a great asset.

"I transferred here this semester from MCC and a lot of the research I have to do for class, I either have to go to MCC or wait for the books to come from Starkville," said MSU Meridian student Michael Dover. "With the library here, that speeds up the process."

MSU president, Dr. Mark Keenum, attended the ceremony.

"This is something that our university here in Meridian has needed since we've been here, and we've been here for over 40 years," said Keenum. "This is our very first library. And what makes this library so special is that a student here at MSU Meridian can access all of the information that any student on our Starkville campus can access."

Knowledge is power, and that's precisely why the library isn't limited to just students and faculty of MSU Meridian.

"It's for the entire community," said Keenum. "Students from Meridian High School, Lauderdale County, or the surrounding areas are invited to come use this. Teachers in the community are invited to come."

Mississippi State Meridian Campus is also planning to build another library downtown at the Kress Building.