Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves Wants to Improve Mississippi's Education

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Meridian, Miss. Education, public policy, and a balanced state budget, these are just a few of the many things in which Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves has been at the forefront of changing since he was elected as Lieutenant Governor in 2012. Reeves strong support of improving the State of Mississippi and making it more competitive to outside eyes are what he says made him pursue the path he is on.

"The reason I decided to seek the office of Lieutenant Governor is because I do care about public policy, I care about passing good strong conservative legislation to make Mississippi a better place to raise a family and a better place to get a high paying job," Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves said. "This is something we have worked real hard on the last three years and I think have had tremendous success."

Mississippi has had it's fair share of economic turmoil, but according to Reeves, the economy of Mississippi is slowly but surely growing. In the new budget year, which started on July 1st, the state government says for the first time they will only spend recurring revenues on recurring expenses. This allows the state government to focus more on education, something that Mississippi has struggled in over the years.

"We are in a position in Mississippi in which we need more college graduates," said Reeves. "We also need more individuals to graduate from our community colleges that either go on to earn four year degrees, but also those who are earning a skill and learning a skill that they can put to use and provide for their families."

Reeves says for that to happen, we must continue to invest in education and continue to improve the education attainment level.

"Total funding, even though we inherited a very difficult budget situation and we worked very hard to get to a fiscally sound standpoint, we've still invested more than 250 million dollars per year in increased funding for public education in our state," said Reeves.

Reeves says not only is the plan to invest in education, but work to improve the structure of it.