Local Business Celebrates 75 Years

More than a thousand people from around the country gathered in the Queen City on Saturday to help a local business celebrate a huge milestone.

Southern Pipe and Supply celebrated its 75th anniversary by inviting all its employees, who are referred to as "family," to a huge festival at Bonita Lakes. Throughout the day, a crowd poured in from all across the Southern US and the company directors said their main goal was to show the employees a good time.

"You know, fun." Ron Black with Southern Pipe says. "We talk a lot and part of our culture at Southern Pipe is fun, so to me what I think about in today is just fun."

The company has branched out quite a bit over the past 75 years, but the employees were glad to celebrate right here where it has its roots. Southern Pipe, which began in Meridian, has over 100 stores currently across seven Southern states and is continuing to grow with two more opening this month. The company hopes to keep up this type of environment for employees as they expand. Southern Pipe employees voiced their appreciation that their employers would go out of their way to hold such an huge celebration for them.

The directors say they can't wait to keep the company thriving and growing, so they can announce their 100th anniversary in 2038.