Local Children Enjoy Kids Art Crawl

Meridian, Mississippi The weather cooperated Thursday for the Kids Art Crawl in downtown Meridian.

The children got to enjoy lots of activities. They could get their face painted, got to pet and ride some animals, and participated in other hands-on arts and crafts. Some kids talked about some of the activities they participated in at the event.

"I rode a horse, I touched the animals, and I picked up a hen, and I'm in a line ready to climb the big tall thing," said Khaleel Williams of Meridian.

"Out here to have fun with the kids. I'm going to climb the rock wall next. I just got through riding the bull riding, out here to show some love and out here to help the community out, and show my appreciation," said Orlando Horne of Meridian.

Local businesses also put out displays for the kids to enjoy.