Local Church Collecting Items for Louisville Tornado Victims

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Collinsville, Miss. A local church is taking steps to lend a helping hand to those in Louisville who were impacted by Monday's tornado.

The donations poured in throughout Thursday evening at First Baptist Church in Collinsville. Everything from bottled water to toothpaste to toilet paper is desperately needed in parts of Louisville after an EF-4 tornado devastated the area on Monday.

"When I hear about these people who have newborn child who have lost members of their family, when they have everything they've lost, it just kind of touches you to want to get out there and help them more because they have nothing left," church member Ryan Dunehew says.

Youth director Nathan Trosper is a Louisville native. He says he was planning to take just a few items to Louisville this weekend, but other church members volunteered to help and things quickly grew from there.

"Oh, they are hurting," Trosper stresses. "They are hurting for a lot of stuff and it's really going to help out. We're planning on taking this to First Baptist Church in Louisville. They're running a shelter and a command center they're and they're personally handing out the items to the people who are out there cleaning up their homes."

Trosper says those impacted in Louisville are already starting to run out of supplies, which is why church members are anxious to transport the items to those in need.

"Wouldn't you want somebody to help you if you didn't have anything?"

Donations will be accepted at First Baptist Church in Collinsville until 7 p.m. Friday. You can also donate at WTOK-TV on 23rd Avenue in Meridian from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Friday.