Local Church Coordinates a Mental Health Forum

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Meridian, Miss. A local church held a mental health forum Saturday, as a way to provide outreach to the community.

Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church presented the forum and a panel of mental health speakers, on behalf of their ministry called NOW. According to members of NOW, the term stands for Nurture, Outreach, and Witness. The ministry says mental illness is a problem in the community and through the forum, it allows people to understand just how to combat the problems associated with the illness.

"In our community today, there is violence and unrest that exist," NOW Ministries Coordinator Gloria McAlpine said. "We feel like people need to understand the reason behind this, so we've brought officials in that can give us information. We can then pass it on to people of the community, so our community can be improved."

NOW Ministry says they hope to hold another forum next year.