Local Church Remembers Civil Rights Activist

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Decatur, Miss. There was a big gathering in Decatur today to commemorate the life of a well known civil rights activist.

Medgar Evers was assassinated in 1963, but the legacy he leaves today is one to be remembered. Murray Chapel Church hosts the event every year during black history month. Newton County NAACP Representative Walter Gardner hopes younger generations continue to learn about black history.

"I hope that our young people will not stop thinking about and researching about black history, just because the month of February ends," says Gardner. "It's a deep history, it exists from the time this country was open up to the outside world. We've been here since the 15th century and our history goes farther back than the 1960s."

Medgar Evers brother, Charles Evers, was set to attend the program today, but we are told he has been hospitalized. Newscenter 11's very own Andrea Williams served as the guest speaker.