Local Customers Benefit from Small Business Saturday

Plenty of shoppers were out and about taking advantage of Small Business Saturday here in Meridian. Several stores downtown were offering promotions for the occasion - like Brickhouse Bar & Grill, which is offering 10 percent off everything all day to bring people in the doors.

"We want to remember to try to keep as much business as we can local because the people that locally own businesses here are the ones that reinvest that money back into the community, and we're the ones that create jobs for the community," said Bickhouse Bar & Grill President Bill Arlinghaus. "So the more support that we get from our community, the better we make it for everybody."

Charles Frazier, owner of Weidmann's restaurant says there are also huge benefits customers can find at a small business that you just can't find at larger corporations.

"I think the people really enjoy visiting small businesses and kind of the personalized service that they get at those businesses. So that's an important part of who we are that kind of defines us and makes us difference," he said.

Frazier says those businesses also want to support each other.

Weidmann's was actually running a cross-promotion with the Liberty Shop, so anyone who brought in their Weidmann's receipt received 20 percent off of their purchase here. And the owners say supporting your neighbors in this way is really what the holiday season is all about.

"We consider those that are downtown as our neighbors, whoever they are," said Liberty Shop owner, Robbie Hales. "Whether it's someone who's in direct competition with you or someone who is not in direct competition with you. And I think that's what makes this season so special."

Weidmann's was also handing out gift cards for Loeb's. President of the store, Robert Loeb, says he's already seen tremendous growth for Small Business Saturday just in the past few years.

"We had a lot of customers asking us about it last year, and there seems to be even more interest in it this year," he said. "I've seen a lot of attention paid to it just today."

Store owners seem to be in agreement that Small Business Saturday isn't going anywhere anytime soon.