Local Emergency Officials Traveling to New Jersey

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Emergency officials from Meridian and Lauderdale County, as well as Neshoba County, spent Friday night traveling to Jackson in order to be able to travel to New Jersey to assist with Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

LEMA director David Sharp spent Friday afternoon loading his truck with a sleeping bag and other supplies he will need while he is in New Jersey. Sharp says he learned on Wednesday that he may have to travel to the Northeast, but didn't get the official word until noon on Friday. He will spend the weekend traveling to New Jersey.

Sharp says he could could be gone for as long as 15 days. But with more bad weather approaching the Northeast, it is unclear exactly how long he will be there. That is why he is driving his 4-wheel drive truck in order to be able to travel in various weather conditions. He says Sandy definitely brings back memories of Hurricane Katrina.

You can help with relief efforts by donating to the American Red Cross and other agencies providing assistance to hurricane victims.