Local Group Holds Car Wash Benefit

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Newton, Miss. Community support has become all to common when it comes to raising money for a specific need or individual. Benefits or fundraisers as they have become known as are a way to bring assistance and an outpouring of support from the community. Saturday afternoon, residents of Newton gathered in the AutoZone parking lot for a benefit car wash to support the recovery of one of Newton's own assistant police chief.

"We got a little group called "Outsidaz for the Community", something we try to do in Newton, try to help the community out," Alderman Ward 4 Ray Payne said. "If somebody needs funds or whatever to raise the money, we are here." Just for this instance it was an officer who got ill and we're trying to help him out with his medical bills."

Assistant Police Chief Melvin Evans suffered a severe stroke in Biloxi, on the last night of the Mississippi Association of Chiefs of Police Conference. The recovery process of the assistant chief, prompted the car wash benefit, and no one understands more about community support than Johnny Martin of the police department. A benefit was hosted for him last year.

"Last year I was diagnosed with Leukemia and these guys they came out and supported me and did a fund raiser, so it means a lot," Martin said.

The President of the group "Outsidaz for the Community" says the outcome of the benefit has been met with a wave of support from the community as they give back to the cause

"I was always taught it's good to give back and you help somebody you get your blessing that way," President Lamar Pruitt said. "Plus we like doing it and we want to see our community grow better and just a nice place to stay in Newton."

Members of "Outsidaz" say the support of the community won't go unnoticed.

If you want to donate, send a check to Newton County Bank 114 East Church Street, Newton MS 39345. Make the check payable to "Care of Melvin Evans Jr. Benefit Fund" The banks phone number is 601-683-3101 or email them at ncb@newtoncountybank.com