Local Leaders React to Supreme Court Decision

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Lauderdale County, Mississippi There are differing opinions on how Mississippi's open carry law will impact the well-being of Mississippians.

In a 9 to 0 vote, Supreme Court Justices overturned the injunction that Judge Winston Kidd initially issued on June 28th and upheld once again on July 12th, blocking the state's open carry law from taking effect.

"Our staff attorneys can't make heads or tails of it," Representative Charles Young, Jr. says of the decision. "So at this point, if the attorneys don't know what to do, I'm at a loss personally."

"There has been a lot of confusion as to whether or not House Bill Number 2 was in effect," Lauderdale County Sheriff Billy Sollie says. "It is in effect and persons can openly carry a firearm, either a long gun or a pistol."

Sheriff Sollie says the 9 to 0 vote is a strong message to the citizens of Mississippi that the Constitution is being upheld. However, Representative Young says it is a sad day for the state of Mississippi that the highest court in the state would succumb to political influence.

"It creates a very serious safety issue for the public and for law enforcement," Young feels. "And I personally believe it is a travesty. It's an accident that's not waiting to happen. This is a freight train that's going to derail immediately."

"I really don't see a lot of people walking around town with handguns and holsters on their hips," Sollie points out. "Or long guns strapped over their shoulders. I don't see that being a huge issue here in Meridian, Lauderdale County."

Sheriff Sollie says due to security reasons, weapons will not be allowed in certain government buildings. Signs have been posted on those buildings. Representative Young says his biggest concern is over how school campuses are impacted by this law.