Local Missionary Jailed Overseas

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A Meridian woman has been in the custody of Macedonian authorities for a couple of weeks now because she was in possession of a rare set of coins.

Candi Dunlap was attempting to leave Macedonia and return home when she was arrested for trying to leave with coins of historical significance there. Pastor Wayne Smith at Fifteenth Avenue Baptist Church says Dunlap was not aware that she was doing anything wrong and that the whole incident is a huge misunderstanding. Smith says he has been speaking to Dunlap's husband Mark on a daily basis since the arrest.

"It is our understanding through Mark that possibly by Monday, there could be a trial date set," Pastor Smith says.

Smith tells Newscenter 11 that Dunlap has still been extremely positive throughout all of this and has even been smiling. He says Dunlap's husband is also doing well. Family and friends at home are left hoping and praying for Dunlap's safe return.

"The most important thing people can do is pray," Smith stresses.

A Facebook page has been set up in honor of Dunlap, titled "Prayers for Candi." T-shirts are also been sold through the page.