Local Parents Register Children with Authorities

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Meridian Police are taking extra steps to protect local children by storing their personal information on file, should they need it in an emergency.

Local parents say they just can't be too careful when it comes to their child's safety. That's why parents brought their kids to Bonita Lakes Mall to register them with the Meridian Police Department, should something unthinkable happen.

"Well, this is very important to me because you know with the crime rate is up and children coming up missing, this way you know you can have ways of you know letting officers and the proper authorities to find your children because it's so bad these days," York resident Dorothy Rainer says.

"We've got a lot of crime going on in Meridian and just yesterday we had the problem here," Meridian resident Gina Turnbow says. "We got to protect our kids at all cost."

On Thursday afternoon, two men tried to lure an 11-year old girl into their van. The men were unsuccessful and drove away.

"You never know when a child is lost or missing, and when a family is trying to find that child, they will have no way of finding them," according to Lee Wilson with the Meridian Police Department. "Thru this identification, this is the best way to find them."

Organizers of the Child I.D. Program say this information is very important to families, as well as law enforcement.

If the parent had all this information to give to the police department or whom ever, they can quickly connect that CD with the NCIC or the national data base," according to Earnest Clardy with the Child I.D. program. "You've got pictures that can be put up anywhere in seconds."

If you were not able to attend Saturday's registration at Bonita Lakes Mall, you can call the Meridian Police Department at 601-485-1893.