Local Production Company Creates Craft Beer Documentary

Meridian, Miss. July 1, 2012, one piece of Mississippi legislature went into effect that left a tremendous impact on the state. Governor Phil Bryant signed into law a bill that allows for beers with more than 5 percent alcohol content in the Mississippi, and response across the state was overwhelming.

"When it became legal, literally, it grew like wildfire. It just shot out of everywhere," Matt Robins says. "It's the best beer you can get."

Matt Robins of Meridian founded his own production company. He, along with three other friends, had the idea to start work on a documentary. And when he began to look at this growing phenomenon, he says he knew he wanted to cover a subject that does such an excellent job of paralleling Mississippi.

"In Mississippi, we take our time with everything. We go slow. It takes us awhile to get our hooks into everything, but once we do, I feel like everything we do is just as good if not better than anywhere else you can get it," Robins explains.

Robins says his documentary will cover the entire state of Mississippi, including Meridian. His team will look at the evolution of craft beer from the petitions to first get the legislation going to its impacts even now.

"Since craft beer has kind of hit its road, when it started getting really good, the economy has been really good. Billions of dollars to the economy," Robins says.

Since his idea for the creation of this documentary, Robins and his crew have been setting up contacts and finding ways to raise money, like this fundraiser at the Brickhouse Bar and Grill. He says everyone has been supportive toward their efforts, and you should be able to see the finished product in just a few months.

"It'll be complete roughly at the beginning of May. That's what we're looking at, and that's if everything goes perfect, according to plan," Robins says.