Local Reaction to Presidential Election

A majority of voters in Mississippi and Alabama favored Mitt Romney over Barack Obama in the presidential race. But the president won a second term by about 100 electoral votes.

Newscenter 11 sampled reaction to the election in Meridian Wednesday.

"I was very disappointed in the outcome because being in business is tough and the economic situation in the United States is tough as I've ever seen it, even tougher than the Jimmy Carter years," said Hartley Peavey, owner of Peavey Electronics. "And I'm terribly afraid we have gridlock and that's what we are going to see for the next four years."

"I watched till about 9:30 and got tired of watching it," said caterer Randy Holford. "I was hoping a lot more people voted for the guy I wanted to win but it did not turn out that way."

"I thought the election went the people's way," said Randal prince of Quality Cuts. "Society voted for some; society voted for other people. But it went the way the majority wanted it to go."

"I thought the election really proved that Americans truly know what's best for them even in hard times," said the Rev. Carl Odom of St. John Baptist Church. "I believe we got the right person."