Local Red Cross Busy Assisting with Tornado Relief

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Meridian, Miss. It has been a busy few days for the local American Red Cross.

Linda Lauderdale with the East Central Mississippi Chapter of the Red Cross tells Newscenter 11 her crews actually began preparing for the storms before they arrived last Monday afternoon. Once the storms passed, Lauderdale says the Red Cross began mobilizing shelters to the hardest hit areas, such as Louisville.

"Here in Mississippi, you know we, we are subject to literally every kind of disaster," Lauderdale points out. "Tornadoes, hurricanes, everything. So, we are pretty much in a constant state of preparedness. You know, with the storm systems, we don't know where they're going to hit, so we are prepared. We have our emergency response vehicles, you know, ready at any time."

Lauderdale says more than 90 percent of the Red Cross workforce is made up of volunteers.