Local Red Cross Ready to Help Oklahoma

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Meridian, Miss. The scene out of Moore, Oklahoma Monday afternoon was eerily similar to that of parts of Mississippi and Alabama back on April 27th, 2011. Homes and buildings were destroyed and people looking for loved ones, but in both cases, the Red Cross was there to help. Right now, East Central Mississippi Red Cross Chapter Manager Linda Lauderdale says that the Red Cross' main goal is take care of the immediate needs of the community.

"We're setting up shelters, shelters have been set up. We've got mobile kitchens moving in to provide for those who've been forced out of their homes."

Just as Meridian's Red Cross sent help to the coast after Isaac, they plan on sending help to Oklahoma under the Red Cross' new "One Red Cross" Initiative, but they may have to wait a few days due to the possibility of severe weather in their region.

"Right now, our local staffing volunteers are calling up our volunteers to check their availability for deployment. We're monitoring the weather in our own area before we deploy out our Emergency Response Vehicles and our trained volunteers to ensure that they're not needed here before we send them to Oklahoma."

With severe weather season in full swing and hurricane season fastly approaching, Lauderdale says downloading the Red Cross' smartphone app can help you prepare for these types of situations.

"In times of weather emergencies, it gives you critical information, sheltering information, weather updates, anything that's vital during that time."

To make a $10 donation, text the words "RED CROSS" to 90999.