Local School Safety Under Review

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The Mississippi Department of Education is reviewing safety procedures in school districts across the state.

In the meantime, the Lauderdale County Sheriff's department says that beginning on Monday, officers will now be posted at West Lauderdale Elementary and Northeast Lauderdale Elementary schools. Of course, officers are already posted at Clarkdale Attendance Center and all other middle and high schools in the county.

As for Meridian Public Schools, Superintendent Dr. Alvin Taylor says the district definitely has a heightened awareness of school safety, as does every district across the country. Taylor says additional training is planned for later this month for all of the district's school resource officers.

"Just maintaining the safety of the campuses both within and without," Taylor says. "And just keep our schools safe from any interior threats or exterior threats."

Taylor says the district is doing facility studies, looking at ways to keep uninvited guests from entering the schools.

In Mississippi, state law says there is a zero-tolerance policy for having weapons and committing violent acts on school property.