Local Schools Improving Security

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The topic of school safety is still fresh on everyone's minds after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School back on December 14th. That school shooting left 27 dead, including 20 children, 6 adults, and the shooter. Now local school systems are taking steps to help prevent the same thing from happening here. Lauderdale County Schools Superintendent Randy Hodges says that they are being proactive in their approach to improving school safety.

"It made us realize what a tremendous responsibility as a school district we have in providing the safest schools we possibly can, so we brought everyone together, all of our principals, and we evaluated what we are doing as far as safety."

While most of Lauderdale County's Schools had some kind of security, not all had guards, and not all guards were armed, but Hodges that will soon be changing.

"We had 2 elementary schools that we added Resource Officers at this past week, and our goal is to have a trained, uniformed law officer on each campus."

Many of the teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary are being called heroes because of their actions on that fateful day to protect the children in their classrooms. Hodges feels that it's important his teachers also know how to react in these situations.

"We have had our staff development on Wednesdays and a lot of the discussion has been on what the teachers' role would be if in fact we had a situation like Sandy Hook."

Immediate plans in addition to adding armed guards include adding surveillance cameras and making classroom door locks easier for teachers to lock from the inside. After those improvements have been made, the school system will evaluate their security procedures and make improvements where they see fit.