Local Singers Celebrate Rodgers Birthday

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Meridian, Mississippi Local musicians are celebrating the birthday of a country music icon this weekend by hitting the stage.

If you were at the Best Western in Meridian, you would have come across delicious food and a plethora of great music performed by both young and old musicians alike. So what's the cause for such a celebration? Glyn Jones, the president of the International Singing Brakemen Association, shed's some light on the matter.

"This would be Jimmie Rodgers 116th birthday celebration for Meridian," TISBA President Glyn Jones says. "It has been 24 years, nonstop celebrating Jimmie Rodgers music as well as other gospel and country music."

Jones says it also provides young musicians a chance to perform for others, like 16-year old star Taylor Cross who serenades the crowd with a Josh Turner like voice.

Former country star Scott McQuaig was also at the event and says he's a big fan of the older Jimmie Rodgers type music. McQuaig says he loves coming to TISBA and supporting it. Jones says TISBA meets every third Thursday of the month at the Best Western, just off of the interstate in Meridian at 7 p.m.