Locals Pray for End to Crime in Highland Park

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Locals gathered on Saturday afternoon to pray for an end to crime in a local park.

Pastor Ralph Henson and his daughter Rebekha Williams organized the prayer in Highland Park. Henson says the park has been taken over by crime and that it is time to pray for safety to return to the park. Williams says she wants Highland Park to be a place that people from the city, state, and region will feel comfortable in.

"You know, I feel for the city," Williams says. "We've been praying for the city and we really felt like this was the heart of where we needed to begin because this was a family place. And even during the daytime it is."

"When I was a kid, I used to walk here at night," Henson says. "We want to take it back. We want to pray that the lord will give this territory back, away from the enemy. And we want to protect this area."

Henson says there could be additional prayer services held in Highland Park in the future, but no specific plans have been made at this time.