Locals Raising Awareness about Domestic Violence

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The death of Terri Gwyn has prompted friends and members of the community to make sure that what happened to Terri, doesn't happen again.

Several Neshoba County residents have now launched a campaign to make a difference in the community by bringing awareness to the issue of domestic violence. This project hits close to home for several participants.

"After years of I guess enduring the treatment that I did, I finally got out," Maddie Hudson, a victim of domestic violence, recounts. "And I'm just really sad that this person that I never met is really very close to me."

There's not only the physical effects that are associated with domestic violence, but emotional effects as well. That's why experts say it's important for anyone in a bad situation to walk away.

"It causes women to think they're not worth anything," according to Cheryl Smith with the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians. "They feel worthless and they need to be able to feel good about themselves. They need to be strong and independent."

In the meantime, friends are left trying to make sense of why their friend Terri could be taken so soon from them. They tell Newscenter 11 she definitely made her mark in the community.

"She was really, really just joyful to be around," Melinda Riddle recalls. "She took her job very seriously. I enjoyed working with her."

Gwyn's live-in boyfriend, Daniel Williamson, has been charged with arson and murder in the case. Bond for Williamson has been denied.