Locals React to No Saturday Mail Delivery

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If you are one who looks forward to receiving mail on Saturday's, you're in for a disappointment come August because your mailbox will be empty, according to the U.S. Postal service.

In a move that is expected to save $2 billion a year, only packages will be delivered on Saturday's.

"It really to me doesn't impact me because I have a post office box," Jan Mardis said. "And I don't come and check my mail but maybe two or three times a week anyway."

"I just thought it should probably run because I go to school during the weekdays," Hannah Scott said.

"I thought it was a great idea," Craig Wilkes said. "It's a waste of money to have Saturday deliveries. Saves some taxpayers some money. It's a good thing."

The postal service says it has seen an increase in package delivery in recent years because of online shopping, but says letter delivery has dropped significantly because of e-mail.

"That's okay too because I do do a lot of ordering online too," Mardis said. "But a lot of that comes either Fedex or UPS."

The news comes just days after it was announced that the price of a stamp was being raised to 46 cents, likely because of the nearly $16 billion the postal service says it lost in the last year."

"It's still such a great value," Wilkes said. "I mean, 46 cents to get a letter from New York to San Francisco."

"I don't really mail that many letters, so I don't really buy that many stamps," Scott said. "But it could effect a lot of other people who buy a lot."