Locals React to Presidential Debate

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As President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney squared off in the first presidential debate of the season, tens of millions were watching.

A CNN poll of registered voters who watched the debate found 67% believed Romney won. What did locals think?

"I did watch the debate," said Conor Bell, a student at East Central Community College in Decatur. "I thought both candidates did good. I thought Romney did a very good job on answering the questions."

"I was very impressed with Romney, thought he came across strong," said Decatur resident Charles Wansley. "I'm sure Obama will come across next time stronger. This time he seemed like he was not quite prepared for it. Both men are good men and I don't like the way the country is going. I don't like the way the unemployment and everything is."

"I think Romney did good last night, but Obama's just waiting to take him on out the second one on around," said Travis Willard of Meridian.

"I think our President Obama, he's going to make it late on him and then he's going to turn it over," Jimmy Willard said.

We also had the opportunity to speak with Cong. Gregg Harper.

"Certainly glued to the TV last night as many were," Harper said. "It's clear that Romney won that debate going away. I thought he did the very best that he could, and I think the president probably turned in maybe his worst debate performance."

"I thought Romney did a real fine job and I thought Obama just stammered a lot," said Joel McCraw of Meridian. "And every answer he had was just hollow, and no substance to it, and it's like he couldn't get a thought out."