Locals Say Tornado Struck Neshoba County

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Neshoba County, Miss. Late night storms led to early morning clean-up for parts of Neshoba County after what is believed to be a tornado by those who went through it.

Many residents of the Sandtown community of Neshoba County were out Monday morning with chain saws and tools to begin repair after a storm rolled through bringing strong winds and a possible tornado.

Residents described what it was like at the time of impact.

"It just came over like nothing was there," said resident Auston Clark. "Destroyed the trees and the driveway and tore everything down. It was bad."

"Me and my daddy were sitting in there and watching TV," said resident Brenden Chadwick. "And we have a pine tree over our shed and I thought that's what it was. The wind knocking pine cones onto our shed. I was sitting there and then all of sudden that tree fell on that shed, and I knew that wasn't a pine cone."

Resident Rudy Bozeman lost most of his possessions after the roof was torn off his home.

"It started coming up a lightning storm, the lightning started flashing, and then the wind started blowing," said Bozeman. "My wife went to the door and opened the door and said, 'a storm's coming.' We started hearing it roar. When I heard it roar, I said, 'no we ain't got time; y'all hit the floor'."

Neshoba County Emergency Manager Director Jeff Mayo was on hand to assess the damage. He said he believes it was a tornado based on the damage he saw and the way the trees fell in various directions.

"I think it was a tornado, just from the way the damage looks," said Mayo. "Obviously we had some real strong winds but I think there was also rotation."

Officials haven't released any exact numbers on the damage but they say several mobiles homes were damaged, and at least two houses. Even with all the damage that was done, no one was hurt.