Locals Sound Off on Threefoot Building

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You can't miss it when passing through downtown Meridian. The Threefoot building is the skyline of Meridian.

While the fate of the building may still be undecided, many locals already have their mind made up about whether the building should be saved.

"Save it," Yerby Hughes said.

"Think it should come down," Joe Lewis said.

"I would like to see it be renovated," Ronnie Hersey said.

Those in favor of saving the building told Newscenter 11 that there is just too much historical significance to tear it down and that it should be redeveloped. Those in favor of tearing it down said the building has been empty for far too long and that it's time to move on without it.

"Why? Hughes said when asked why it should be saved. "Because it's a historical momument for the city, that's why. Save it."

"What is it doing for Meridian now," Lewis asks. "And if it's not there, something more productive is going to go there. Something that's going to improve the city."

"And you know, people go all over the world to see tall buildings," Hersey said. "And Meridian is not a great big city, but that is our tall building right there, you know."

One downtown business owner told Newscenter 11 that he doesn't think the building impacts his business, but said it wouldn't hurt if something developed it in to something better.

"I think it would be great for downtown," Liberty Shop owner Clinton Hales said. "I think it could help our business. As it is right now, I don't really know what could be done to it."

Meridian Mayor Cheri Barry said the city does not have the money to renovate the property or to bring it down.