Longtime Employee Retires

"I'm going to miss you Mr. Junior."

That was the sentiment of all at Rick Justice Honda in Meridian Friday, as employees reluctantly said good-bye to a man who many call a cornerstone for the company.

"I just hope he isn't a stranger."

August 17,1942 is when Oscar Lee, Jr., who's affectionately known as Mr. Junior, first started working at the dealership; at the time it had another owner. Although the owner changed at least four times over the decades, one thing remained the same, and that was Mr. Junior, who always retained his job.

"He's absolutely amazing," says Rick Justice. "He's just as resilient as can be. I just hope that I can hang in there half as well as he does.'"

"I made it because I just enjoyed it," says Mr. Junior.

Having worked in the service department, detailing, and now running the shuttle service, at 88 Mr. Junior is still very much able to do his job. However, he says two things led to his decision to now retire.

"Just thinking about my age, and everything. Then another thing that I thought about was that my retirement date was not too far from my anniversary date. So, I just combined them. What I'm going to miss most is my co-workers," says Mr. Junior. "Once I get home I will start working at home. That's where the work really begins at is at the house! Ha/Ha."