Loose Caboose Brings Fun and Excitement to Newton

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Newton, Miss. It's the 11th annual Loose Caboose Festival in Downtown Newton and visitors were basking in the beautiful weather. From the carnival, to booths, to a mini circus with acrobats and poodles, people young and old came out to enjoy a day of fun in the sun. According to the Executive Director of the Newton Chamber of Commerce Amanda Blackburn, this was one of the more beautiful days for the festival in the past few years.

"This is my fourth festival and this is the first time we've had good weather," said Blackburn. "I'm so excited to be here and the crowd is fantastic. It makes me feel wonderful to see all these people out here after all the hard work that my board has put in to bringing this day to newton and pulling off this event. It's great to see these people here enjoying it."

Every year the Loose Caboose is put on by the Newton Chamber of Commerce to showcase the Town of Newton and what it has to offer. The main focus of the festival is to get people to shop local and invest money back into their town.

"It's very important for Downtown Newton, not only is it the chambers main fundraiser for the year, but all the visitors that are here today get a firsthand look at what Newton has to offer year round," said Blackburn. "We truly have some unique shops here, lots of great small businesses. So we encourage everyone to shop local, shop Newton."

The festival brings visitors from across the area to Newton each March and chamber officials say they expect it to continue getting bigger. The chamber says they are close to running out of room for future festivals, but they see that as a good thing. They plan on focusing more on what they have now and focus on making those events bigger and better.

The main festival ended at 5 PM Saturday evening, but the carnival will stay open till 10 pm that evening.