Louisville Residents Work Together to Pick up Pieces.

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Louisville, Miss. The damage from last weeks EF-4 tornado is still evident as you drive through the streets of Louisville, but you begin to see a glimmer of hope as residents start to pick up the pieces of what used to be their home. For many residents their homes may be destroyed, but their spirits are still high whether it be from the support of those outside the community or the blessings that their lives were spared.

"Most miraculous response that I have ever seen or could have ever even imagined," said Senator Giles Ward. "There has not been a single need that my family has had and I think the vast majority of the citizens of Winston County have had that have not been met."

Even moments after the tornado struck South Louisville, neighbors were already on hand to help anyone in need, like Nicholas and Jerry Davis who were pinned under debris from their house that was completely destroyed.

"The first thing you heard when it hit was windows shattering, then you hear the boards breaking in the house and then it just fell on top of us," said Nicholas Davis. "We got trapped in and our neighbors got us out."

About 100 yards away, Senator Ward and his family were bunkering down in the bathroom after heeding warnings from local meteorologists and news sources.

"Many times my wife and I have gone to bed in our bedroom in this bed that's behind me with tornado watches in effect," said Ward. "I hope we haven't done it with a tornado warning, but I can't tell you for sure we haven't. Our chimney came through the roof and is laying where we have been had we been in the bed."

It could take months or even years for the City of Louisville to rebuild the areas hardest hit, but little by little you begin to see hope flourish, and blessings of being alive whether through humor written on plywood or praise of blessings to God.