"Love Out Loud" Kicks Off Week-Long Mission Trip

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Meridian, Miss. A local church kicked off their week-long mission trip inside the city Sunday night at Dumont Plaza.

Northcrest Baptist Church is hosting its second annual "Love Out Loud" Event, where they will take part in mission trips throughout the city. One organizer of the event says it's important to remember that The Bible teaches everyone to love others because Jesus loved us first.

"Nowhere are we commanded to sit and wait on people to come to us," Northcrest Baptist Church member Ben Shirley said. "Jesus says to go out, so we are going out in our city. There are so many needs right here at home and this week we are hoping to meet some of those needs."

The week-long mission trip kicked off Sunday night at 7 PM and will conclude this Friday the 25th, at Dumont Plaza where a block party will be held.