Love Out Loud Week for Local Church

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Meridian, Miss. Northcrest Baptist Church got an early start Monday as hundreds of members piled into the youth building to grab a good breakfast and have worship service before heading out across the area to do the Lord's work.

James 2:26 says, "As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead." And there was no shortage of deeds among these faithful followers.

"This week we are doing this thing called Love Out Loud and what we basically do is we go to different parts of the community," said Hannah Quigley of Northcrest. "Some people are at Habitat (for Humanity); some are at Feed by Faith, and there are a bunch of people here at the Boys and Girls Club. And we're just helping out in the community, doing work for God and serving the Lord and doing whatever we can do to get the message of Jesus out to everybody."

From landscaping to feeding the hungry, this church for the next week will be going out all across the area to help those in need, and be a beacon for the community.

Rob Smith, a member of Northcrest, says, "It’s very important to get out and let others see the light of the Lord through these projects. We are called to be salt and light of the earth and we are getting out there putting forth our God-given talents that He has given us to show that we really care about the community and that we want to lift the community up and lead them towards Him."

Northcrest isn't the only church getting involved in this 2nd Annual Love Out Loud week. Churches from around the area will be participating; even a group from Alabama is getting involved. For them, it's not about the recognition as much as it is about serving the Lord, and serving those in need.